Gardner meets Truman






Phil Hicks: "Napkins! I forgot to order the napkins! It's always something."

Man on Bench: "Hell, I got napkins."


PROOF - The Original Short Film

Kevin Reynolds made a short version of the film as his film school project, this being partly based on his own trip to dig up DOM (see photo of rock). Spielberg saw this and decided to fund the professional version that became Fandango - an Amblin film.

Al Kelley, Key West, FL says: "I'm one of the few lucky enough to have seen the original film, "Proof" that was the foundation for Fandango. For everyone's information, Proof was only the skydiving portion of the movie. Amazingly enough, with only a few set differences, the scenes in Proof were identical to those in Fandango. Truman Sparks was played in Proof also by Marvin McIntyre, however his hair was much longer. All the other cast members were different. I started skydiving back in 1985 or so and Fandango was a favorite at the dropzone. Unfortunately, the dropzone version of Proof was stolen. We would love to replace it, if anyone has a copy or knows where to get one. Thanks again for the site!"

Bob Fonseca says: "Fandango as we know it is an expanded version of a 30-minute b&w short film Kevin Reynolds made while a student at the University of Texas at Austin called Montezuma's Revenge. I know, I worked on it. Our instructor at the time was the since departed, once blacklisted director Edward Dimytryk. Kevin was still in law school at the time and actually auditing the class. He ponied up a $10k budget and Dimytryk gave him the green light. Several of us crewed on the short."

Mauricio Parra says: "I had the good fortune to be a student at USC in the early 80's when Kevin Reynolds was also there. I think it was in the Fall of 1981 that he made his "480" film "Proof" . It was 20 minutes long (as they all are) and covered the middle part of the story (the jump school stuff). When I saw Fandango I recognized the Hippie Pilot actor as being from Proof. I remember coming into the old film school building (WWI era stables!!) one morning and seeing an entire airplane (a Cessna?) crashed into the center patio area. It had "Proof" spray-painted on it. To this day I wonder how the hell they got that plane in there. And then back out! This was one of the shenanigans pulled off by Kevin and his crew. It was one of the best films that semester and transferred well to the big screen."

Tarantino Influenced by Fandango?

Quentin has listed Fandango in his top ten favourite films. We all know how he nicks (sorry, 'homages') the best bits from other films, right? Well, have you noticed that Fandango starts with the film title, followed by a dictionary defenition - as does Pulp Fiction.

Truman's Hangar's History

Truman Sparks' skydiving hangar once housed the Anola Gay, the plane that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima. - Ryan Haygood

"Sooo neat!"

E.G Daily (the gum-pulling, "so neat" jail bait girl) now does lots of voice work in Hollywood. Among other things she is the voice of a Powerpuff Girl (Buttercup) and was the voice of Babe in the second Babe movie, Babe, Pig in the City. - Bedford McIntosh

Suzy & Sam

Suzy Amis and Sam Robards also married in real life! On his IMDB record it shows the dates to be from 1986-94. They had a son (Jasper). They've both remarried. She to Titanic director James Cameron. - Bedford McIntosh

Fandango Memorabilia 1

I just found a link to the website for Kevin Costner's casino in Deadwood, South Dakota, called the Midnight Star ( When you go to the site, click on the link called "Memorabilia." That will link to a page listing most of Costner's movies, the titles of which will link you to previews of memorabilia from those movies that are apparently displayed at the casino. Of course, I immediately clicked on the Fandango link, and there's a picture of Gardner Barnes' tuxedo in a display case. Pretty cool. Now I have an excuse to visit Deadwood, South Dakota! Keep up the great work, John, Dallas, Texas

Fandango Memorabilia 2

I've written to you ages ago about the Fandango Soundtrack that I compiled. Well, in my never-ending search for Fandango music, I came across this little gem: Check out the picture sleeve!!! Jon Taylor

Bass Player

A bit of trivia that doesn't mean anything to anyone else but me: the bass player on 'It's Too Late,' is my cousin, Charlie Larkey. He was married to Carole King for a time. In fact, their son, Levy, is named after my great-grandfather, Levy Larkey. Six degrees, right? Bill Rosen

Jailbait girl

Blonde Jailbait girl is the Prom Singer in the film "Better Off Dead"...singing "Better Off Dead". Swede

Dr. Brian Cesak's web site

Where 'Lester' is now

Info on what 'Lester' is doing now: Dr. Brian Cesak - chiropractor: Mark Williamson

Fandango homage in Happy Days?

I've been a huge fan of Fandango since about 1986. This weekend I was watching an awful episode of Happy Days. Chachi gets diabetes and decides to go parachuting, behaving like his life is over. The pilot flying Chachi around is dressed very similarly to Truman Sparks. He even offers Chachi a bite of his bolagne sandwich, in much the same way that Truman offers Mr. Hicks a hit. The Happy Days episode was terrible. I had to know which came first. The Happy Days episode or Fandango. Very glad to find out Fandango started out as a student film in '81 and the Happy Days Episode aired in '84. This is how I stumbled on to your web page. Didn't know if this little tid bit of pop culture would interest you. Carry on. Love the web page. Brian Higgins

Fandango homage in 'Zenith' advert?

Zenith, the electronics manufacturer, now has a television commercial running in the US. It goes like this: A skydiver jumps out of a plane. He pulls his parachute cord and out pops....a bunch of clothes! The commercial then cuts to a guy in an airport hanger, airplane in the background, stuffing clothes into a parachute sack. He's distracted because he is watching a new Zenith high definition TV. Wonder where they got the inspiration for that! Bedford McIntosh