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Waggner: "That's dirt son. There's no highway through here. Dotted line means dirt."

Gardner: "I thought it meant short cut."

Phil: "Do you know what 'E' means? Do you know what 'E' means? It means 'empty' douche bag - like your head."


Two Cinema-to-TV Transfer Goofs

Two cases where parts of the film set appear on screen. Both of these occur at the bottom of the television screen and were probably not visible on the version shown at the cinema; with older films (and those with smaller budgets) the widescreen effect was sometimes created by blocking off the top and bottom of the screen.

The first occurrence is when the groovers are standing at the urinals discussing the 'jailbait'. The old wooden floor of the set suddenly stops a foot from the bottom of the screen.

Secondly, during the final scenes of the wedding as the newly-weds get into the car, you can see the ends of the tracks that the camera had been running on.

- Warren Ayling, Bedfordshire, England


After Gardner first suggests that they go to dig up DOM, Phillip locks himself and Dorman in the Cadillac. In a long shot from the road directly in front of the car you see Ken outside the passenger's side of the car and Gardner outside the driver's door. The styrofoam beer cooler is on the roof of the Caddy more or less in the middle. The shot cuts away to an interior of the car showing Phillip and Gardner while Phillip begins driving and Gardner starts running. When we get back to the long shot, the cooler has moved over the driver on the roof, where it remains until after Phillip stops the car and asks Ken if he has actually called of the wedding. When Ken stands up and leans back against the Cadillac, the cooler has moved back to about the middle of the roof. - David Williams

Further to the above point, when they finally get into the car the cooler is completely gone.
- Robert Byron

"Water skiing" scene

Dorman throws the cable that hooks on the last train car. Forty seconds elapse before the front end of the Caddy is ripped off. When we see the train shot with the car fender attached, the cable is only about 50 feet long. It took forty seconds for Dorman to get in the car after throwing the cable on the train and the cable was only 50 feet long! - Richard Sexton

Dairy Queen / Sonic

When Pepe tells the Groovers the Dairy Queen closes at eight. The next shot is the Groovers at a "Sonic" drive-in restaurant. - Bob Berry

Truman's headphones

In the scene where Truman Sparks is teaching Phil how to jump out of the airplane onto a matress. Then all of the sudden, he has a pair of headphones on in the middle of one of his lines! It's right before the quote, "He missed the matress." - Jeff Copeland

Dart throwing scene

The dart scene at the beginning. Gardener throws the darts and when he goes to rip the picture, they are in different positions. and i mean way off! check it out. - Brian Humphrey, Westland, MI

Saturday Night's Alright

Here's something for the "goof" file: The movie takes place Circa;1971 right, well, Saturday Night's Alright ( For Fighting ) wasn't even released until 1973. Terence Snell

Odometer and Beer Bottle

While watching the movie again on DVD tonight, I noticed acouple more goofs. During the opening credits montage, we see the odometer spinning on the Cadillac. It goes from 71,439 miles or so to 71,465. Two scenes, and, presumably, a quarter of the state of Texas later, we see the odometer again when Gardner puts the car into neutral for the ill-conceived hitch on the freight train. At that point, it reads 60,114. Also, [and I realize this is getting pretty nitpicky (is that a word?) here] after Carole King's "It's Too Late" comes on the radio, Waggener is drinking beer from a bottle while talking to Gardner about calling Deb to break the wedding off in person. The beer bottle is more full on his second drink than on his first. David


Thanks for the great website! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about one of my all-time favorite movies.

I have another "goof" to add. When the characters leave Marfa, there is a sign that says Presidio is 91 miles away. Any true West Texan knows it's only 61 miles from Marfa to Presidio via HWY 67!

Keep up the good work.

Clay Snell
San Antonio, Texas