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Rancher: "Gimme three chili dogs and a malt"



Hey guys, I wanted to let you know that Tim has produced the Ultimate Soundtrack to our movie. Not only does it have ALL the songs in order but many sound clips from pivotal points in the movie.(draft notice, three chili dogs, Truman, payphone, wedding, and of course "Have a nice life") I promise you will get chills when you hear this!!!!!!!!!!!!

Below is Tim's have to own this. Thanks Tim for my copy.


Email Tim for info. .
$5.00 each to cover the cost of the CD, jewel case and my time. I can mail them out directly first class for an additional $2.00 each. I can take Paypal payments at FISHTACO@AOL.COM

You ca also email Tim at that address for other options and shipping outside the USA.


The most commonly asked question sent to this site is "how can I get hold of the soundtrack?". Well, the soundtrack doesn't exist as far as I know, but Jon Taylor from Victoria, British Columbia has made his own by purchasing all the relevant albums and using a CD writer. The following is John's suggested listing of the tracks, interspaced with quotes.

  1. We're Going Somewhere [0:32]
  2. Elton John - Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting [4:54]
  3. We've got to dig up Dom [0:24]
  4. Cream - Badge [2:47]
  5. You called off your wedding [0:40]
  6. Carole King - It's Too Late [3:54]
  7. Pat Metheny And Lyle Mays - September Fifteenth [7:39]
  8. That car's afflicted [1:12]
  9. Classics IV - Spooky [2:52]
  10. There's nothing wrong [0:44]
  11. Pat Metheny - Farmer's Trust [6:24]
  12. Here's to us, by God [0:43]
  13. Steppenwolf - Born To Be Wild [3:31]
  14. Pat Metheny And Lyle Mays - It's For You [8:14]
  15. Goodbye friend [1:12]
  16. Blind Faith - Can't Find My Way Home [3:15]

And the albumns needed to compile it are:

  • Blind Faith - Blind Faith
  • Her Greatest Hits - Carole King
  • Greatest Hits - Classics IV
  • Very Best Of Cream - Cream
  • Greatest Hits - Elton John
  • Jim Hall And Pat Metheny - Jim Hall And Pat Metheny
  • As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls - Pat Metheny And Lyle Mays
  • Greatest Hits - Steppenwolf

Jon also sais that there are a few songs he couldn't find: Ruben Velay Su Conjunto - El Brazo Mocho / Keith Jarrett - Spheres (7th Movement) / Los Lobos - Ay Te Dejo En San Antonio / Milton Brown And The Brownies - Taking Off.

Regarding the song Farmer's Trust, the original version featured in Fandango is available on the 2 CD album Travels by the Pat Metheny Group. Also, Spheres by Keith Jarrett is on the CD of the same name (ECM records, abridged from the 1979 double album Hymns - Spheres).

Javier H. Moreno-Pollarolo
Oakland, California

Elizabeth Carol Lode, from Bend, Oregon, adds: I have been doing a little finger tapping and have been able to locate some of the songs that Jon Taylor was not able to find:

  • Taking Off, by Milton Brown and His Musical Brownies can be found at on the album, Western Swing Chronicles, Vol. 1 (Origonal Recording Remastered).
  • Ay Te Dejo En San Antonio, by Los Lobos can be found on the album, And A Time to Dance (1983, Slash Records). I have not been able to find a site on the web that has the cassette (yes, cassette, it was released in 1983 afterall) but I do have the UPC number: 075992396349. There is a possibility that your local music store (usually the less mainstream stores) can check on the availability of a product, if it is available they can order it for you.
  • Spheres (7th Movement), by Keith Jarrett can be found on the album, Spheres (1986, ECM records). It is in stock as of this e-mail at (Barnes & Noble).
  • El Brazo Moco, by Ruben Vela y Su Conjunto - I have not been able to locate this song. I have submitted an iquiry to the UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive and to Crown Records in reference to this song. I will be sure to e-mail with any new information. Thanks for celebrating Fandango, it has long been a favorite movie for me.

Jonathan Snyder: Hi Alex, Great site, thanks for putting it up! It's cool to find others out there who like Fandango as much as me. One of my favorite films of all time. Regarding the soundtrack, wanted to add this since I didn't see it mentioned: There is a promo-only CD of composer Alan Silvestri's score; I bought it off EBay a while back. It is packaged together with his score for the film Blown Away. Of course, it only has his score for the film, none of the music contributed by other artists. Thanks!

Which songs are being played in which scenes?

Sky dive sequence
The track you hear during the sky dive sequence is Shostakovich Symphony 8. You can buy it on Amazon. - Don Wilson

At the landing strip
Looking for a soundtrack of Fandango? Well, of course, there is none. If there were it would be one of the biggest coups in Grooverdom history. If any of you out there in GrooverLand has a chance, give a listen to September 15 by Pat Metheny. A segment of the tune accompanied the scene in which Waggener meets and then embraces his sweetie pie at the landing strip. Wonderful song, part classical and part jazzy-rock fusion. I highly recommend it. - Guillermo Torres

Wedding scene
follows September 15 and that plays during the artful dance scene between Costner's character and the lovely Suzy Amis. - Guillermo Torres

Final shot
In the scene where Kevin Costner is holding up his drink in Mexico (the end shot), the song that is playing is Farmer's Trust by Pat Metheny. Two really wonderful songs. - Jeff Copeland