Gardner Barnes: "There's nothing wrong with going nowhere son, it's a privilege of youth."


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   Thank you, thank you, thank you! My bother and I have always loved Fandango (and wondered why nobody ever seems to have heard of it). He found your website while trying to create a soundtrack (a long held dream for us both). Your site is great. I'm sure you've been told many times. I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for all your work.
   - Randy Allen

   Top notch fan site! This has always been one of my favorite films since I saw it a decade ago, and info about it has been very scarce! I loved all the crew pictures and the wav sounds. I'm currently putting a soundtrack together via MP3 files and I'd be happy to share with you what I have if you want it. Again, great site!
   - Rick Allen, Elk Grove, CA

   Hi, Alex - I am a 54 year old English teacher from Minnesota, and have been a die-hard Kevin Costner fan for 13 years. My favorite movie has ALWAYS been "Fandango" for various personal reasons as well as Costner's multi-layered performance which I feel is outstanding!
   Additionally, the parachute school episode is one of the most creative, humorous pieces I have ever seen on film - makes me laugh every time I watch my tape! I want to thank you for producing a site devoted to this treasure of a film. I am hoping you get many, many visitors who have not seen the movie, and they will rent it out of curiosity and realize just what a gem it is! Thank you!
   - Arleen Rutten, Minnesota

   Hi Alex - great site. God bless the internet. Finally managed to tape Fandango when it aired on Channel 5 last week. Great film. Interested to read your own Fandango inspired adventures. Were you at university or college in Coventry once upon a time ? I graduated Warwick Unviersity in 1993 but no Fandango activities ensued. All the best, Groover.
   - James

   Help me please! I'm trying to determine the artist who played the beautiful guitar solo during the wedding scene ("the best man gets to dance with the bride"). lists various soundtrack artists, so I've narrowed the field to these possibilities: Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays, Keith Jarret or Los Lobos. Can you shed any light on the subject?
   - John Marks
John, I believe it was Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays with their track "It's For You". - Alex.


Fan's original works

Rather unusual one, this: a poem recieved from 'C. ClareBear' :

The Fandango man
He ran and he ran
Crying "Love's mostly thoughts
I've done what I can"

Abandon your lover
Set her aloft
Never think of her
She'll just make you soft
All women want you
All men walk in fear
And your time's just too precious
To share some my dear.

Oh the Fandango man
He ran and he ran
Crying "Love's mostly thoughts
I've done what I can."

Abandon your woman
Set her aloft
Give her no comfort
She'll just make you soft
All women want you
All men walk in fear
In a life too important
To need her my dear

Oh the Fandango man
He does what he can
Crying "Love's mostly thoughts
I don't understand."

   - C. ClareBear

   Alex, What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful movie. I have always loved this movie and felt it a hidden treasure. I never fail to laugh aloud at certain scenes, no matter how many times I've watched them. Isn't it a hoot? Your Web Page is so well put together. I love all the pictures, expecially the Groover Group shot against the rock. Thanks to all that contributed. I look forward to your updates. Thank you again Alex, for all your work and for sharing.
   - Frenda

   Hi. My buddy and I are huge fans of the movie Fandango, Could you tell me the whereabouts of the Parachute School in the movie? My buddy and I are leaving for Texas in the next few weeks, could you let me know?
   - Ron Risley

   I'm going to have to knock out some of the cobwebs in my head, but I believe that the Parachute School as at Rattlesnake Air Force Base in Toya, Texas. The Dom Rock is in another location on the Rio Grande. I'll have to look at some of my old memrobelia to get the name
   - Chuck

   Hello from another "Fandango" fan.... I, and two buddies, make it a point to watch "Fandango" as a group at least once a year. We've also traveled to Chata Ortega's and will someday make it to San Elizario, Texas, where the wedding scene was filmed. If we only knew where Dom was buried! (Somewhere near Big Bend, we think) I've immortalized Chata Ortega's on my high school reunion web site: Thanks for sharing this great movie with the world.
   - Gordon Hay

   Alex, As a fellow Fandango fan, I never thought I'd find a site dedicated to my 2nd favorite movie. It's excellent! Even though it doesn't seem there are any other Fandango sites out there, it's hard to imagine they would be better than this if they did exist. It's also fascinating that Chuck Bush is involved and has shared information about the movie and himself. For many years I've wondered what happened to him. It's great to know that he's got a thriving business and that his life is going well. If you speak to him, please give him my regards. I always thought his character, Dorman, was very cool and wondered how close to that personality he was in real life. Apparently the role wasn't too much of a stretch.
   When I'm dealing with people in my life, I always think "What would Dorman do?" when deciding how to treat them. If I ever get to Louisiana, I wonder if my wife and I could meet Chuck and Angie? Anyway, thank you for all the information, and for a great place to escape to. I'll be back almost as often as I watch my quickly wearing copy of Fandango.
   - Dave Washabaugh, Johnstown, PA

   Hey brother... I'm not sure if you are still working on this web site... but I must say that I am thoroughly impressed. We just finished watching the jax jaguars beat the browns and I was looking around for wave files of the movie and thank god I found your site. I used to live in ohio and my boys back there and I loved that movie. I've been slowly but surely getting my friends down here to love it as much as I.
   In fact we have had several Fandango parties in the last couple of weeks. Last year my roommate, another buddy of mine and I, had been drinking all day and I put the movie in at the end of the night. In my inebriated state I suggested that we drive to texas and bury a bottle of dom ourselves. We ended up driving in my car to Houston and ran out of money to buy the damn bottle! Hell... it didn't matter at that point... the memory is emblazoned in my brain. That my friend is the privelige of youth... take care...
   - Mike Akers, 27, jax, Florida

   Being from Texas and a UT grad - I have always LOVED fandango and I too recommend this little known gem to fam & friends. Looking for a synopsis on the web (because i was recommending it to a friend across the country), I found your site. It's great! you've done a great job with it, and i hope you keep it up. I've already sent the link to the friends I've already converted. Terrific job, groover! DOM lives...
   - Pam Swenson

   WHAT A GREAT SITE! What a great movie. Thank you very much for making a website for my favorite movie. I lucked upon your site after much search for information about Fandango. I'm really quite glad to hear that I did not dream up the scene with the bikers. The network broadcast must have been the first time I ever saw the movie. I also seem to remember a scene with the boys swimming or something as well. I've never seen that one again, either. Maybe when we get the DVD release.
   I've noticed another continuity error that you could add to the goofs page. (- Done, Alex.) Thanks again for maintaining the website. Don't forget to expect flukes. A Groover's got to.
   - David Williams

   Alex, you may remember me as the guy who contacted you about your Fandango site back in '98. One of my closest friends is Brian Cesak who played Lester. Anyway, I see that you have made some progress on your site since I visited it last. I hadn't thought about your site much until recently as Brian is currently visiting me in San Diego. I know he would have some interesting stories to offer. It's funny, when I introduced Brian to a few friends who are Fandango fans, they were beside themselves! I'd love to see a forum on your site where fans can comment, etc. Hope to hear back from you soon.
   - Joseph Barrus
I'm hoping to add a proper forum soon, until then there's just this page. - Alex

   Greets, Found that *ONE* song I have been craving since I saw Fandango when I was a kid, the song played when Gardner dances with the girl at the wedding. Took me a bit of reasearch but the payout was more then worth it.
   I did a Google search for websites that specialize in soundtracks. When I found a good one I sent off a mail asking about Fandango soundtrack. He said it was available and that it was "high quality". But, once I found out the song I wanted was not on the soundtrack, I went off in another direction and found what I was looking for. I ramble on...
   Song Title: It's for You. Artist: Pat Metheny (with Lyle Mays) Album: As Wichita so falls Wichita Falls
   Again, not sure if its on any of the soundtrack CD's. A shame, that. Truely a inspiring song. Hope that shed some light on the matter. If for some strange reason someone cant find the song and needs it ever so desperatly, e-mail me. I have it converted to MP3 at an excessivly high rate of 256kbps
   - G McBride

   Just to say, I have recently contributed a piece about film director Kevin Reynolds to a soon to be published guide to north American film directors to be published by Wallflower Press. I deal with Fandango ( albeit briefly ) and state how strong a film it is. I am not sure when the book is to be published but keep an eye out for it.
   - James Clarke

   I can't believe I found a site dedicated to my favorite movie, Fandango. It's great--thanks for putting it out there. I've seen this movie so many times I can't remember, since the first time I saw it in 1987. But it's so hard to find any info about the film itself. Love it!!!
   - Sue Preston,

    Just wanted to thank you for your efforts. Fandango is my alltime favorite movie. I also have a DOM story of my own that I'll probably share with you later.
   Anyway, I was curious if you knew any information about some of the outtakes. About 7 or 8 years ago I saw Fandango on TV (I'd seen the movie prior to that, of course). There were some scenes in the TV version that are not in the video (two that I can think of). There's a scene at a roadside diner where they almost get in to some big trouble with (if I remember correctly) bikers. Then there's another scene (I'm guessing it's the Groovers hanging out at Hamilton Pool near Austin)...
   In come those didn't make the video? Also, if memory serves me correctly (and it might not), there seemed to be an inconsistency in the TV version regarding Gardner's sunglasses. At one point, they are broken (one arm is missing) at a later scene (maybe the pool?) they are not broken; then, as we know, they are broken throughout the majority of the film. Also, it is at the pool scene where we actually find out that Hicks is afraid of heights! That's why it was monumental later in the movie when Dorman (Chuck) came to a screaching halt in front of Truman's sign. There is a line at the Pecos Parachute School along the lines of "he's afraid of heights, remember?"...but, without the pool scene, the audience doesn't know this.
   - Daryl L. Santos Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Systems Science and Industrial Engineering Department, Binghamton University, NY

   Fantastic Site... Yes I own a copy of the video bought in Blockbuster in Croydon (ex-rental). When will they bring it out on DVD? I spoke to film critic Alan Frank in 1987 and asked his professional opinion of the film. He said he had regrettably never seen it but had interviewed Kevin Costner within the previous 3 months and Costner really rated the film also. Would love to have seen the film that inspired it. I wonder if Kevin Reynolds would consider including it on any DVD release if it comes around. And dear god Please a commentary by the Groovers...
   NAPSTER is good for the music if you cannot get hold of some of the tracks. I'd happily pay import prices for the soundtrack if only somebody would release it. "HELLO UNIVERSAL"
   My wife gave me the ultimate Birthday present about three years ago. The National Film Theatre do desert Island movies where you can get a film shown. She got Fandango shown for me. Fantastic to finally see it on the big screen... and also to hear the audience really appreciating the humour and seriousness of the film. The Goofs are not visible in the cinema (Camera tracks during wedding scene etc.) I have a copy of the description of the film in the NFT magazine of that month and also the critical flyer available at the NFT. I will get them over to you at some stage.
   Great work on the site Fantastic...... So good to see Brian Cesak and Chuck Bush have spotted the site and are doing well. Thanks for the entertainment Guys.
   - Brandon Hannan

    I have loved "Fandango" ever since I first saw it when I was 15 (I'm 29). My friends all think I'm nuts and everyone I recommend the film to dislikes it. I never bothered to look for a Fandango site until today, because I figured there was no way anybody else liked this movie enough to make one. Thank you for proving me wrong. I think the page is great!.
    - Tom Tauchert

    Just an FYI for Fandango fans: if anyone's looking for the Pat Metheny/Lyle Mays cd "As Falls Witchita, So Falls Witchita Falls," with the songs "It's For You" and "September Fifteenth," check out don't know if you could find a better price on this cd anywhere else, but I thought the price was reasonable and it was shipped very quickly.
    - Dave W

   Great Fandango page. For some odd reason, this has always been my favorite movie. None of my friends are able to understand why, of course, but reading your page has at least let me know that I'm not alone in my admiration for this movie.
   What I can't understand is what happened with everyone's career. In particular Kevin Reynolds. How could the same guy who made this movie also be responsible for Robin Hood and Water World? It just doesn't make any sense. As for the actors, I have to admit the only one who's career has been easy to follow has been Costner (just due to his level of fame). But even he has never approached a role quite so interesting as Gardner B. I go to each one of Costern's films hoping to see some hint of the Gardner character, usually coming away disappointed with him constantly playing the hero. So very annoying. Gardner seemed to me to be more the anti-hero, the guy who would manipulate everyone else to his own ends, although at the end of the movie he redeems himself with a completely selfless act. He becomes sort of a hero/anti-hero combination, a prodigal son one might say, giving the film a whole new level of meaning even as the lights go out. How many films manage to do that so effectively? How many films even attempt it? Anyway, it's a great movie. Always felt that it has been completely overlooked, so it's very gratifying to see your page and all the voices of people who have apparently enjoyed it as much as I.
    - Jim Vassilakos

   Costner has mentioned in a few interviews that he considers Fandango to be a "flawed picture" because the movie studio asked Reynolds to cut the original first scene and replace it with something "animal housey" (my words, not his, but that was the gist of his statement). I'd really like to see a Director's Cut so I could see this original opening scene, but since that isn't likely to be released (no market for it), I'm wondering if anyone knows whatever happened to this lost scene and if an MPEG might be released on the net for the movie's fans. -Jim in Southern California.
    Jim Vassila- , Southern California

    I just wanted to let you know this is my favorite all time movie!
    Marc Mitchell

    Hello, I have been searching everywhere, and I hope you can help me. I am looking for a particular song that was in the movie Fandango. I think it was from the band Argent. Can you please help me with that song name or the songs that were in that movie. Thank you so much.
    Neeeenah Gurney

    I am looking for the following, but can't find it anywhere:
    1. Fandango (1985) movie soundtrack - CD (preferred)
    2. Fandango (1985) - DVD
    All I can find is VHS...
    Daryl Bellows

    I originally saw just the last half of Fandango about ten years ago and have been waiting for it to come on TV ever since. When it came on Channel 5 therefore, I put a tape straight in the Video recorder and as soon as it had finished, the tab came straight off the tape (no chance I am ever going to tape over it!!!) I am a very keen film watcher and collector and I have to tell you that Fandango gets top of my list above The Godfather and Apocalypse Now.
    My favourite part of the film has got to be the part where the front of the car gets ripped off by the train, I have seen the film about 50 times and it is still as funny as the first time.
    I am extremely impressed to see contributions in your guestbook from Chuck and Brian, it's truly an honour to read their actual words. If you ever read this guys, and if we ever meet - the first drink is on long as it is a bottle of Dom!!
    Long live the Groovers.
    Phil, Leeds, England

    Fandango is one of my favourite movies and I would like to make a pilgrimage to the various shooting locations and follow their road trip route. I'd really appreciate any help you could offer. Thanks...
See posts further down this page and also the NEW locations info... - Alex

    I have a few recent pictures of a few of the movie sites. These including Chata Ortega (burned down bar), the gas station, car wash and Sonic in Marfa, the old Giant movie set, Truman Sparks' skydiving hangar (which once housed the Anola Gay, the plane that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima), San Elizario (town where the wedding was, near ElPaso) the ledge where Gardner gave his toast, and the Dom rock.
   If you would like these pics for your site let me know and ill email them to you. Also if anyone knows where the place is where Truman landed his plane on the road to drop off " the girl" with Gardner, I would like to know. It so far has been the one place that has eluded me.
    Ryan Haygood, Dallas, Texas

   I'm Jan from Washington, DC. I absolutely love your Fandango site! I've never met another living soul who's heard of the movie and it's great to see I'm not alone in being a huge fan. I've made numerous friends watch the film over the years and they've all loved it. Keep up the good work!! I've also submitted a favorite quote. I have many, but I chose this one because no else has! Regards,
   Jan Jeffrey, Washington, DC

   While searching for songs in an effort to make a Fandango Soundtrack CD before huts down, I found your site. IT ROCKS! Awesome job,
   Karl, San Antonio, Texas

   Great site! My all-time favorite movie. It is great that you had input from a couple of the cast members and I have learned a lot of interesting facts about the movie and its origins. In fact, my roommate here in Houston was in the same fraternity as Kevin Reynolds at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. My roommate was an SAE but believes in Kevin's time it was called Alpha Phi Omega or maybe even something else as it went through three name changes. However, my roommate says that guys in the fraternity still take roadtrips to Big Bend and other areas of West Texas to bury a bottle and he has even participated in such a trip. He has also heard tales of the original trip on which the movie was based as passed down from fraternity brother to the next.
   Next week, many friends are road-tripping from Houston to Big Bend, near where many of the scenes were shot. Is there any way you can put me in touch with the gentleman who submitted the photos of the Dom rock? I would like to get exact directions to this place and the canyon where the Groovers stood for their toast with Dom. I am sure he would not mind me contacting him as I am an alumnus of the same university as he - Texas A&M. Or any other information not yet posted on your site would be helpful.
   Thanks for all of your efforts on the site. I submitted a few of my second-favorite quotes since my favorite "three chili-dogs and a malt" was already taken! Regards,
   Dustin L. Campbell
I forwarded Dustin Karl & Wade's instructions (see above). - Alex

   Can you get the picture at the end of the movie with Gardner toasting from the mountain top and the sunset behind him? great site by the way.
   Ryan Gray
I've just got what there is in the 'Pics & Dialogue: images' page - can anyone else help? - Alex

   I'm from Italy and i think this is a great site for a great movie. This is the first site i find about Fandango. I'm searching the soundtrack and your list of songs on your site can help me. Fandango rules!!
   Roberto Rossi, Italy

   I know there isn't a soundtrack to the movie Fandango, but you list the music from the movie on your web page. Do you have these songs in mp3 format? If you do How could I get a copy?
   Richard Dunkley

   Just wanted to write and tell you that I think the Fandango site is really cool. I had no idea that there were so many like-minded fans of this movie! Anyway, a quick bit of info regarding the soundtrack -- the Keith Jarret track, 'Spheres (7th Movement) can be found on his cd, Spheres. I can send along more detailed info (UPC code, etc.) if necessary. Thanks for your time!
   Harris Porter

   The Chata Ortega's page on the central70 site has moved. The new link is It will likely move again as I reorganize parts of the site. I'll let you know the new link. PS. Love the Fandango site. I hope to have something more to contribute by late June.
   Gordon Hay

   I have been watching Fangango since about 1987 while I was in college in west Texas. I have seen this movie so many times, I know it by heart. I have cassette tapes of this movie that I play when I go on vacations in the car with my family (I don't need visuals - I've seen it that many times). For our tenth wedding anniversary (in December '01), my wife is having a "Casa de Groovers" neon sign made for me. About three months ago in a video shop, I found and bought a brand new VHS cassette of the movie (It is still unopened - I'm waiting for a special occasion to view it). I think you get the picture...
   I want to know what the route of the movie is. I know it starts in Austin, TX and ends up at DOM, but what was the exact route in between? The website gives a good description of where DOM is, but not the route.
   Also, being an airline pilot, I am naturally a fan of Truman Sparks and the Pecos Parachute School. I have flown all over the state of Texas and haven't seen anything resembling this site. The website says its at a place called Toya, TX (Rattlesnake Air Force Base), but in all my flight publications (old and new), there is no such place. Any help you can be in this matter is greatly appreciated.
   Rod Johnson

   I just wanted to let you know that this site is great. I've been a big fan of the movie since I was a little kid, and now I find myself with a resurging appreciation for it. I think we've all wanted to take those wing and a prayer trips. Thanks for sharing and allowing the others to share their adventures.
   The song "It's For You" off the soundtrack is one of my favourite instrumentals. That tune really takes me back to the day I first saw the movie.
   Jeremy McClure, Ohio

   Thank you so much for this site. fandango is hands down my favorite movie ever. only, no one has ever heard of it. why not? so, thank you, the site is great.
   Amanda Roer

   Fandango was always my favorite movie and saw it when it first came out in theatres. I was in high school at the time and the movie was an inspiration to me. For a long time I have wondered if a site was dedicated to Fandango and I finally found your awesome site by going through IMDb.
   I have always wondered if the trail the Groovers followed across Texas was true and I am happy to hear so far that Dom's burial sight & Chata Ortega's abandoned building still exist. I know they filmed Giant in Marfa and I'm probably sure that gas station is located in Marfa. I was wondering if the Sonic Drive-In (is still around?) and the cemetery are located in Marfa? A cool edition to your website would be a map of all the locations stopped at in the movie for us out of state Groovers who don't know Texas as well as the local college kids.
   I have another question concerning Marfa. The mechanic played by Pepe Serna tells the Groovers they better hurry if the want supper because the Dairy Queen closes at eight like he was implying that that was only place they could eat. Why didn't he say Sonic and I have always wondered if there was a Dairy Queen in Marfa? I always thought it was because maybe Fandango didn't get permission to say the Sonic name in the film, but on the other hand I would think that Dairy Queen would be pissed that their business was mentioned but never used in the movie - like Sonic obviously was in more than one scene.
   I think its cool that Chuck Bush is a friend and supporter of the website. Next to Gardner Barnes, Dorman was the greatest character in the film. He had limited lines but when Dorman spoke, those lines were the best. Chuck Bush is the greatest and even though I love to see him in front of the camera, I'm happy to hear he is so successful behind the camera.
   I think it is so cool that you started this website, Alex. A lot of people I know have never heard of Fandango, let alone ever seen it and unfortunately for them that is a loss because Fandango is a masterpiece of American cinema. I am happy to own the video but wish they would show the film more on channels like HBO & Cinemax, instead of running it once in a blue moon on TBS at two o'clock in the morning so more people can be exposed to the greatness of this movie. Keep up the great website Alex and I will be one of your biggest fans.
   Long live the original Groovers! Sincerely,
   Mr. Shubunka

   Just wanted to let you know how glad I was to find your site. I stumbled on it when looking for fandango release dates for dvd. Any news? I do have a strange, but small, connection to this film. My great grandfather's name was Truman Sparks.

   Thanks for a truly fantastic website I'm so glad there's a Fandango resource on the web. I was watching the film on Sunday with my girlfriend (for the 40th time) and I came back to your site to see if you'd made any updates. I hope you get the script up soon.
   You're looking for suggestions. I thought it would be cool if you could put the word out to find someone who could build a Fandango screensaver for download from your site. I'd do it myself but I don't know how to, but surely someone does. Even if it was only a slideshow of all the cool pics you have on the images page. Anyway, it's just an idea.
   Also, and I don't know how possible this is, but is there any likelihood that either Chuck Bush or Brian Cesak can get hold of the lost footage (the drink-up and the biker scene) and get them converted to AVI or MPG format for downloading? Or is that REALLY asking too much?
   Keep up the good work.
   Huw Langridge, London

   Your site mentions that Rattlesnake Airforce Base is in Toya, TX. I believe that it is (or was) located in Pyote, TX and I think that it is now a minimum security prison. I'm wondering if you (or any others) know the location of the McClean Massacre roadside marker?
   Jay Shinn

   I like your site! I was trying to find out which song is being played while Kevin Costner and the girl are dancing the fandango near the end of the movie. If you could let me know, I'd appreciate it. Thanks alot!
   Carl Cosgrove

   Hey, great to see this site for this great little film...I'll come back to look it over in detail... for now I wanted to tell you I recorded the two deleted scenes, the bikers and the lagoon swim...and I think one other very brief difference (unsure...going from memory here)... when it was broadcast on NBC; I dubbed the scenes onto the end of my VHS copy of the film. I guess the scenes were added back in to pad the length to fill the time slot. anyway if you need 'em or the dialog for those sections let me know.
   The reason I looked for your site is that i was reading an article in today's LA Times about a bit actor Marco Perella who has written a book about being a bit actor called, "Adventures of a No Name Actor" (pub by Bloomsbury $24.95, 224 pages). This book is reviewed in the times. One excerpt is recounted in the review (the book probably has more to say; I don't know). Here is the quote from the Times:
   "In "Fandango," for example (in which he was hired to teach Kevin Costner how to dance), Perella and other actors were supposed to float down the Guadalupe River under a bridge where Judd Nelson's character was sleeping. They were to represent Jungian archetypes in the character's dreams-Perella wore a jester suit. At acute risk of freezing or drowning, they floundered in the icy water for two days. The footage was never used."
   The article made me think of the movie and look for Fandango on the web...figured you'd like the tid bit.
   Bedford McIntosh

   Wonderful site. I have also been compiling my own soundtrack. Several tracks were mentioned that could not be found:
   Spheres (7th movement) by Keith Jarrett can be found on the CD Spheres from 1976. Taking Off by Milton Brown can be found on the CD "Heroes of Country Music Vol. 1, Western Swing". I also found Ay Te Dejo En San Antonio by Los Lobos and Symphony #8 by Shostakovich (awesome track) on
   I have been searching unsuccessfully for El Brazo Mocho. It does not appear to be available on CD. I also tried contacting the record company (, but I have received no reply. I'm also trying to locate any of the Alan Silvestri music from the film. Any help on finding that music would be great. Thanks,
   Sean Mullaney

   Hello from Italy! I have just ended to see, for the second time, this wonderful movie; for my friends it was the first time, and they enjoyed it a lot.
   As well me, never tired to see the fantastic pictures, sequencies and the always proper musical basis... I am glad to share with many other people in the world this piece of art.
   Danilo Fuligno, Pesaro, Italy

   Finding your site was like coming home and finding there are now others like me! Fandango is, in my opinion, THE classic film and contains some of the greatest symbolism and biblical allusion ever used in a movie! (Sorry, former English teacher.)
   Like many who've commented, I truly can't pinpoint why this film holds so much allure for me, but I can't get enough. I was thrilled to find your site and get some more detailed info about the production. I am also glad to know some cast members have gotten on board to help. That's really special! Thanks for all you've done on the site and for helping spread the word about this timeless movie.
   Sheri Campbell-Husband, North Richland Hills, TX

   I just ran across your site and it is great. I absolutely love Fandango, especially since I go to school here in Austin at UT. I've been on many ridiculous road trips down to Mexico and now that I'm getting ready to graduate, I've been laughing my ass off thinking of the movie.
   I was turned onto the movie when I graduated high school in Houston and some of my friends older brothers said we had to watch it before we came up to UT in the fall. Hell, it ought to be required viewing for graduating here. I've constantly tried to get friends and girlfriends in the past to watch it (to mostly no avail), but I guess you've got to have a little backbone and some wit. Again, I just wanted to thank you for your site and keep up the good work. Take care man.
   Casey H. Smith

   May 1987, the evening before college graduation, my best friends and I watched this movie for the first time. I can't tell you how fitting it was to close out our college days with this movie. Though our relationships continue today, I don't think that there could have been a more fitting end to our collegiate days of youthful exuberance. Every time I watch the movie, it's as if I'm toasting that bunch with the line, "Here's to us, and what we were".
   David Carico, Atlanta, GA

   Have I died and gone to Groover Heaven? I can't begin to tell you how much I like, no, love this movie. I thought I was the only person who loved this movie (it's my favorite). After watching over and over on a copy taped from cable many years ago, I finally found it only and bought a good copy. I've lost track of how many times I've seen it but I always see something different everytime. I drive my wife nuts, always refering back to it in some way or another (I did just today). Too bad Kevin Reynolds didn't stop at this one and went on to make Waterworld. Somehow, I feel you've heard all of this before. I too have sought after the nonexistant soundtrack and started collecting the music separately. What is it about this movie? I feel like I have some sort of connection with it and don't see why other people don't view it the same way I do.
   I would love to know if there is a map of directions or sites from the movie. I've often wondered what ever happened to Chuck and Brian. God! That's a great movie! I started reading some of the quotes from the movie and just started laughing all over again. I haven't see all of the site but I plan to keep looking. I hope you don't mind me grabbing a few pics to use solely for my computer's desktop background.
   Thank you very much for putting this site together. I was just thinking of doing something like this tonight but I know mine wouldn't have been nearly this good. I will definitely save this to my favorites.
   Jerry Bandy, Watauga, Tx

   Howdy . . I enjoyed your Fandango site. I have a question - was the name of the girl played by Suzy Amis 'Debbie' (Debby) or 'Deb'? I've never seen the actual script and I'm curious as to what her real name was. If I'm not mistaken she was referred to as Debbie. Any information you have would be appreciated.
   Jerome Morrone

   Thank you so much for creating this site. I'd heard rumor a few years ago about your site but had never visited until today. Awesome! One of my absolutely all time favorite films. Thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of your site. Quite thorough. I was also glad to realize I was not the only one who re-created the soundtrack. I think I was able to find Spheres. I'll double check when I go home. Thanks again. I have to watch this film again soon.
   Gail Cooke

   Great "Fandango" website. Classic information. My father and I have been trying to find ANY info on the movie and finally found it with your site. In fact, he and I ventured up and down Hwy 67 (the route between Fort Stockton, TX and Presidio, TX) to search any of the locations. The only one that we "thought" we found was a Sonic in Alpine. We looked like goobers taking photos in front of it. We were not even sure if it was the correct location. We do know that there was never a Sonic in Marfa and that the Sonic in Alpine was the only one that they could have shot at on Hwy 67. There is a Dairy Queen in Marfa (and that is about it!), but no Sonic. That reminds me: Why did the gas station attendee in the movie say that there is a "Dairy Queen" down the road (in Marfa) when the Groovers ended up going to a Sonic. Sonic did not open until the mid-1980's. We also traveled to Presidio. What a hot, dry hell-hole. It was 112 degrees in the shade. None of the streets were paved and the only thing living there was cactus. ANY IDEA WHEN "FANDANGO" WILL BE AVAILABLE ON DVD? Thanks again,
   Trey Lyda, Atlanta, GA

   Great website. I started skydiving back in 1985 or so and Fandango was a favorite at the dropzone. I put together a bootleg soundtrack back in 1987, and still listen to it (though I am upgrading to a digital version with more tracks). I am also one of the few lucky enough to have seen the original film, "Proof" that was the foundation for Fandango. For everyone's information, Proof was only the skydiving portion of the movie. Amazingly enough, with only a few set differences, the scenes in Proof were identical to those in Fandango. Truman Sparks was played in Proof also by Marvin McIntyre, however his hair was much longer. All the other cast members were different. Unfortunately, the dropzone version of Proof was stolen. We would love to replace it, if anyone has a copy or knows where to get one. Thanks again for the Site.
   Al Kelley, Key West, FL

   What a great site! This is my No.1 film and I found your site by pure chance. You’ve just inspired me to get my video copy out and watch it tonight! I’ve only skipped through the contents of the site and discovered all sorts of stuff. Fantastic job!! Superb! I’ll be in touch when I’ve calmed down.
   Rob Hancox, (Cheshire, UK)

   Hi Groovers!!! Here's another fan from Poland! I didn't realize there were so many Fandango freaks until I reached that extremely cool site. I have seen the movie a million times and never got tired of it. Actually it helped me get through the graduation exams in high school (I watched it twice a week at that time.....). The best movie ever made! Next time I'm in USA (maybe next year) I have to visit the "sacred places". I am available at ICQ 146179173. Only Fandango fans!!!!!! ;) And, oh yeah, I attach a pic of a Russian cover. [see the images section - Alex.] Keep watching!
   Marcin D±browski, Warsaw, Poland

   Thanks for taking the time to create this site. I’ve been looking for a site like is for about six years. I thought about creating one myself but I figure I have enough obsessions in life already. One those obsessions being, sitting around on Saturday’s with the guys I grew up with and watching this grand film.
   Jeff Dearing

   First of all, I love your site, have it bookmarked, and check in frequently for updates, etc. Also, like everyone else here, I am a huge fan of the movie, and have had several of my own personal "fandangos," that I won't go into here.
   Here's the subject of my post: We've all heard about how Kevin Costner thinks Fandango is a "flawed movie," and have all pined to see the complete movie with deleted scenes, etc. Since the movie is not out on DVD (yet), I wonder if there's a way we can collectively petition the studio to release the DVD with perhaps a director's cut of the movie or at least bonus features with director's commentaries and deleted scenes. I'm sure we would all love to hear Kevin Reynolds story of taking "Proof" from a student film to a feature-length production. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks for the great work!
   John, Dallas, TX

   Thanks for taking the time to create this site. I've been looking for a site like is for about six years. I thought about creating one myself but I figure I have enough obsessions in life already. One those obsessions being, sitting around on Saturday's with the guys I grew up with and watching this grand film. I have a copy of the film on VHS with the new American packaging. If you wish I'll scan it for you so that you'll have a blown up version. Speaking of VHS, is there any word on a DVD release? I'm currently in the process of transferring my tape on to a CD so that it can be watched on a DVD player that supports SVCD or VCD. If I have any success with this I'll mail you a copy. Thanks again,
   Jeff Dearing

   Your site is very beautiful and this is one of my favourite films.
   Lorenzo, Milan, Italy

   Wonderful site! You're the best!
   S. Zampa, Italy

   Thanks for the fandango site! I got a group of guys hooked on it in 1987 when we lived in the middle of Vermont (in an area with no TV reception). We had two tapes: The Best of Saturday Night Live 1984 and Fandango. After almost three beer-fuelled months in the wilderness, we knew every line from both.
   Brian Perera, Upper Arlington, Ohio

   What can I say, this page is one of my favorites, and it is among my top 10 of great webpages. I have recently purchased Fandango through I bought it there because Fandango is impossible to get in Europe (I am from Denmark). I have tried through HMV London and many others, but the film is not made in a PAL version, which is what we use in Europe, so I had to buy a NTSC.
    Jesper Lisberg Aarhus, Denmark

    I consider myself one of the most Hard-Core FANDANGO Fans that walks this earth. I was so happy to have done a random search to see if there was anything out there on the web, pertaining to the best movie ever made (in my eyes anyhow). My version is taped off of a cable TV airing (Encore I believe), from the early 90's. I was wondering, do you have any sort of trivia quiz or anything along those lines? Something to 'test' or 'prove' a die-hard fan's devotion to, and knowledge of the film? I assume that I would kick ass, but you never know, right? Which is why I think it could be a fun idea. Let me know if & when you have a moment. I could even help a little, in putting something together if you were interested in doing so. At any rate, thanks for being so cool as to create this site. I am having a ball!
   Craig Newman

   I thought nobody liked this movie as much as I did! I wonder if they'll ever release it on DVD with the extra scenes intact?
   Richard Cuellar, Portland, OR

   Sorry for my english, thank you for the this great site! fandango is my no. 1 film, it's a very "personal" choice. Maybe it has not the best actors, director, dialogues, etc, but isn't it perfect? Very strange... ciao,
   'chaut', Italy

   I was most fortunate to stumble upon your site a few days ago. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the hard work you have put into enshrining the "best kept movie secret of the 80s". Arguably the best kept movie secret ever! I first discovered Fandango while attending college in 1991 and it ever since that fateful first viewing it has inspired me and my buddies to create our own adventures and memories to go dig up "Jack" (aka Yukon Jack) on the Continental Divide in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado . I guess there is nothing like a good road trip with some close friends. It is definitely GOOD FOR THE SOUL! Thanks for bringing back some great memories and all your hard work. Your efforts are to be commended! Warmest regards,
   David L. Malina (aka "WhiskeyBoy" Groover), Dallas, TX

   It has been just 30 minutes ago that I saw the film on the television here in England. At first I saw Kevin Costner acting and just said "This is going to be a good film for the night" It was indeed, not only thanks to him but thanks to film itself and the rest of the cast and crew. Straight after the ending of the film I started surfing at the internet to find relevant information about the film. Thank God I found your site which had a lot of information including original information from Chuck Bush. I realised that the film is old enough (1985). I was 5 years old then. I was very surprised about the starting of Chuck's career on that environment concerning both acting and producing films. If Chuck's life changed from one moment to another I was planning to become a Hollywood actor for all my life. Unfortunately as years pass this dream seems to be loosing in value. I believe in revolutionary changes in life, and this notion was surrounded by one of the main actor's film(Read Chuck's Biography). After graduating from my MBA course in Finance I will be working on that environment (Not what I wanted to do really). The soundtrack in the film was amazing and it's still is (Especially if there is available to buy). I was wondering if this film exists in DVD. If not is it available to buy on VHS thought the internet?
   Stelios, originally from Greece

   It's great to know that there is a website dedicated to one of the greatest movies ever made. Since I found this website, I've watched the movie, Fandango, five times in two days. I've probably seen the movie 200 times! The tape's gettin' real thin! This movie sets a spiritual tone. I'm surprised this movie doesn't have a bigger following. As far as I'm concered, it's the only movie Kevin Costner was good in. Anyway, I'm very greatful for this website and I'll be visiting the fan's comments often. As few lines as Dorman "Chuck" has, he still makes up a major part of the movie & Lester, too. I'm surprised Chuck hasn't went on to making more movies. I'm also delighted that they keep in touch with this webpage.
   Jeff Copeland

   I would like to add my Fandango experience. I first saw this movie at a party in college back in the late 80's. It was weird I came in when the party scene was happening in the movie, and thought it was just another stupid college party movie. Then I was hooked, when the characters took off on the road trip I didn't leave the room. I was so mesmerized by cinematography and the whole concept of the movie that I just loved it and yes the sound-track was terrific.(I have been trying to get a hold of it for years). I would love someday to go to those locations where the film was done and just look around at all that desert scenery. Thanks so much for the Mapquest directions on the website. I can't believe that Chata Ortega's has not been touched. That's amazing that it hasn't been vandalized or knocked down. Thanks again for this site and please update it if any new information comes out about the film sometime in the future.
   Jimmy Dworkin, Mountain View, CA

   I always thought I was alone loving and quoting this movie, save my dad and brothers.... I first saw this movie 16 years ago, when I was 8 years old, and even then I thought it was the coolest Texas flick I'd ever seen. every movie about Texas, or set in Texas, is perfection. yes, I'm a Texas girl, born & bred in the bayou city, so I guess I'm biased; especially when I recognize all the cool Texas stuff throughout the movie: Marfa, Sonic drive-ins, shiner beer signs, jaunts to Mexico, bluebonnets, cowboy hats & boots; and of course, goin' honky tonkin'. I've been looking for the soundtrack for years...but, I can never find it. I find it hard to believe that not many people have ever seen this movie, and that it's not widely available as it should be. it's a classic. definitely Costner's finest work. Forget Bull Durham, even though I love baseball flicks too... it's nice to know that there are people with a different last name than mine who knows what I'm talking about when I say "gimme three chilI dogs and a malt" or "south to band-aid".....and did you notice the "Arthur-Andersen" plug at the end of the movie, or am I the only one? thanks!!
   Kasey Lott, Houston, Texas

   Fantastic website. Just wish they'd release this movie to DVD. Wouldn't a sequel be grand.
   Mike Gamerl

   Hi, I just found your website for Fandango using this wickedly cool search engine I got from a friend and just wanted you to know how unbelievable it is. I'm not sure but I think I may hold a world record for the number of times this movie's been viewed as I'm somewhere over 1000 seeing I've watched it nearly every frickin weekend since 1986 (over some of the summer's I've watched it 2-3 times a day). To me, it's the ultimate summer movie. Anyway, this movie has and still is my greatest inspiration and escape. I noticed quite a few people were wondering about a soundtrack. Well I'm here to tell you I actually saw a copy of the Fandango movie soundtrack on CD (yup on CD) at a Circuit City in Waukesha Wi about 2 years ago. The only reason why I didn't buy it was I have the best tracks individually bought on CD and was tight on money - especially when my money goes into buying more copies of the movie. Also I've heard it may be quite sometime to it coming out on DVD (so I went and forked out $600 on a DVD recorder - yup that's what a fan I am). Anyway thank you for the movie site locations and the other info - your site RULES.
   Kevin Lobraco, Milwaukee Wi

   Dude, Nice Site! It's good to know I'm not the only freak that digs the movie. Just a thought but why not put a petition together, something we can use to highlight to the studio that releasing the movie on DVD would be a good idea, maybe even strong arming them into releasing the CD soundtrack. What do you think?
   Michael Sellick

   What a joy to find your site. I love this movie. I have introduced all of my children and many of my friends to this movie too. My daughters and I watch this movie together every year as a kind of tradition. The four of us laugh and laugh at the dialogue and are reverent during the many truths revealed in this movie. Sure is great to see your site. I've often wondered why more people don't know about this "special" movie. I guess it's only revealed to a few of us.
   Leetha House, Raleigh, N.C.

   I was driving from L.A. to Dallas for Christmas in 1991 and was on Hwy 20 outside of Pecos, TX. I knew that part of the movie had been filmed around there, so I started looking for landmarks. I was looking at the train tracks and the posts with steel cable, when a fleeting image caught my eye ... a broken down adobe shack in the middle of a field. I turned quickly to check it out and saw the words written on the side "Chata Ortega." It was the actual building in the film. I don't know if it's still there, but it made my trip back then.

   I wanted to say how much I've enjoyed your website. I was immediately impressed with the connection you've made with Chuck Bush and others who were actually a part of the film. I first saw Fandango in the mid-80s on cable late at night with my dad. We laughed so hard during the parachute scene. Being a Pat Metheny fan for years, I fell in love with the soundtrack of the film. Over the years I've forced friends to watch the movie and many of them have come to love it as I have. Keep up the good work.
   Ted Jakubowski, Falls Church, VA

   I have been on a quest to find one particular song from my all time favorite movie. The song in question is the piece that is played in the wedding scene. I'm not sure if it is one song or two. The exact one I'm looking for is the song that is played right before Costner request Fandango from the band. I would appreciate any help you can provide. By the way GREAT SITE.
   Scott Ward, Dalla, Texas

   Alex, I just found your "Fandango" site. I know you have heard it before, but I am the ultimate fan. I have been to Chata Ortegas and have pictures of the old building framed. I met Robyn Rose's dad several years ago and he got me a movie promotional pack from Hollywood. Most of the pictures are on your site, so I am sure you have seen it. One of my friends worked for the sound company and has shared hours of stories about the making of the movie. I even named my Drag car "Fandango" and told countless people the story behind the naming of the car. I graduated from high school in 1967 and felt up close and personal with everything that happened in the movie. I have done some street racing on the road where the train segment was filmed and been by the Rattlesnake Air Strip countless times on my way to my wife's home town of Pecos. It looks like the interest in the site has faded a little, but if there is anything I could do for you, just let me know.

   Fandango is my all time favorite film. Great site, Thanks
   Alan Rhodes

   My brother and his fraternity friends

Thanks for the work you have put into this web page.I'm a fireman who is one of several big Fandango fans in the Charlotte area. I'll retire in 2 years and I plan on a big road trip with my wife. Hunting up the locations is on my list. A couple of other movies along the same lines are "Whats eating Gilbert Grape" "Lone star state of mind" and "love and a 45". It was my daughter who found this site. She bought me the video for christmas one year.
Robert Hunt

It was my brothers 40th birthday on april 26th and I bought him a bottle of DOM.We have always shared a love for Fandango,and it is certainly Costner's finest hour.What a cast,the greatest coming-of-age movie ever.All we need now is the dvd.Later,
Deano (Dean Walker)

First off,thanks for a great site. This extraordinary film needs our help. How we could start a grassroots effort to get this on DVD. There is an audience for this movie as opposed to much of the crap that is coming out now. Who would we write?
Randy Truitt

Great Site and superb film! I have always enjoyed this film since its release and loved the music, thanks to this site I have been able to obtain all the tracks to build the soundtrack. However it was mentioned that "Shostakovich Symphony 8" is the music played in the sky dive scene (what a superb scene). My problem is which track of Shostakovich Symphony 8 is used, can someone please help. Another question is what would be the order to the tracks given I am adding: El Brazo Mocho, Taking Off, Ay Te Dejo En San Antoni, Spheres (7th Movement), Shostakovich Symphony 8. To the list you have already, any ideas would be appreciated. Thankyou very much for the site and for any help.
Paul Morris-Munro

I thought I was alone out there. Fandango has been my favorite movie for years. I thought I was the only person alive that was still watching this extraordinary flick that slipped through the Hollywood cracks. My comment is that I am glad that the missing scenes ended up on the cutting room floor. The appeal of this movie for me is the realism of the road trip itself. Road trips in general are long, uneventful and boring like this movie depicts. As in real life, they cross paths with mediocre females and don't get laid. If the edited scenes had been put in - the trip would have seemed unbelievable, silly, and cluttered.
My favorite scene is just after they run out of gas. Reynolds gives us the impression that the groovers are about to face some Cliche EVIL MENACING DESERT DWELLERS ON THE DIRT ROAD. The camera starts low at the feet of an unkown, and then finally pans up to reveal its only Doorman with his shirt on his head. Again, bringing us back to the reality of the true "Road Trip", - out of gas and miserable. The Groovers succeeed in turning something into nothing. My intention is not to over anlalyze this funnier than hell movie. all I can say that I do indeed relate, and must confess that once in while I shed a tear at the end when Doorman and Hicks shake hands, or when Gardener raises his beer over the horizon as the last light flickers out. Take care Alex. Turn out the lights when you leave . . .And have a nice life.
Brian Humphrey, Westland, MI

Hey Alex, I don't know where to begin. Your website is the greatest! I don't know why I haven't searched "Fandango" on the web before now. Then I came apon your site. I feel exactly the same as you about this film. It is by far my most favorite. I first saw it at the drive-in with my first girlfriend. This movie changed my whole outlook on life. Pat Metheny's "It's for you" and the wedding scene really hit me hard. (That's him on guitar with the band by the way) Ever since, I've wanted to visit Texas, go to Marfa or to San Elizario to see the gazebo. Crazy huh? I could never understand why the movie didn't do better. If and when I get my website up and running, I'll be sure to include yours in my favorites. Hats off to you fellow Groover. Good job.
"Here's to us by God, to us, and this, and privileges of youth. Here's to us, and what we were, -and what we'll be"
Kevin Nisbet, London, Ontario Canada

I can't believe I found your website. I grew up in Hanover, NH (mountains, woods, Dartmouth College) with Pat Metheny's cousin Eric. We both watched this film repeatedly on Cinemax in the summer of 1985 or '86. It captures so many wonderful things, the 70's, casual life in the country, no suburbs, no MTV! It amazes me how this simple, important view of life passes 90% of our country's population by. The final scene of Gardener looking at the horizon in the twilight as the music fades from Metheny to Clapton is so fucking poigniant. And I don't care how pretentious this sounds, but I am so thankful for growing up away from the suburbs where Gardener's idealized views of life can actually be realized to a certain extent. What a perfect movie.
Richard Fickes

am a 31 year old news producer in Hawaii, who is a fan of the movie too. I admire your initiative to create such an homage for the movie. Your site helped me track down the correct version of "Can't find my way home" (Blind Faith), thank you and kudos!!
Alex Bell, Hawaii

I am really impressed that this site exists. I watched Fandango with my mother when I was 14 years of age and it always stuck with me. Now at 26 it has become more. From quoting the movie with my friends, to collecting all of the songs from the film, I have have been all but obsessed with Gardner and the gang. I was in love with a girl named Amy back in high school and Fandango was my favorite movie. We watched it quite alot. When she went off to college after we graduated my heart was broken. I used to listen to "Farmer's Trust" and "It's for you" by Pat Metheny and cry over all of it. I felt as though I could then finally relate to Gardner. Last summer my best friend Drew and I went out to south Texas on a little fandango of our own. Never having been to Texas it was awesome to see the Fandango like landscapes. Now, one year later, I discover this site and have retrieved the maps to the spots where magic occurs. I have only dreamed of the expierience of standing where Gardner stood where DOM is buried. Now thanks to you, I can do it. I will e-mail you again after my trip. I would like to thank you again for honoring a very special movie. It means alot to me.
Clay Crenshaw

Mellow site. Just to let you and the fans know, that in trying to compile my own soundtrack I found El Brazo Mocho by Ruben Vela on Kazaa to download. Still looking for Spheres, Taking Off, and the Los Lobos track.
I saw discussed that the gyro-copter pilot out of the Australian Road Warrior (Mad Max) movies was Truman. This is incorrect as the actor was an aussie named Bruce Spence and not Marvin J. McIntyre.
Chief O'Hara

I just want to thank you for the website. I love visiting it often and reading how much all of us love the movie. It has a lot of emotional ties, and I can't wait to watch it whenever I need it. Thanks again
Katie Schnabel, Alabama, Northridge, CA

Hey Alex,I just wanted to write and tell you that you've built a great site for allof us Fandango fanatics! Fandango is one of my all-time favorite movies and inspired many trips withfriends to Big Bend. We never buried anything there, but Falcon's inBoquillas was our Chata Ortega's. I hear that since 9/11 you can't getacross the river anymore. Hopefully things will go back to normal in thefuture. Long live the Groovers!
Daniel Strickland

Having read almost your entire website (it is fantastic btw!!!!) I am still unable to completely assemble the "soundtrack" from what information I have compiled. Are you able to simply give me the "bottom line" on how to get this together? Mostly seeking the "Fandango" that Gardner requests: "How 'bout a Fandango". Hoping you can help!
Alex Grabiec

January 12, 1986 I saw Fandango for the first time in my room at a hotel in Beverly Hills. A few months later I was able topurchase a VHS tape of the movie that had been a rental tape at Major Video in Las Vegas. I am so glad that it is finally coming out on DVD as I have worn out a second VHS copy that I purchased when I wore out the first tape!
Mark Jones, Arizona

Ever See This Fandango Poster Before: I've never so, I just thought I'd ask ya! Love the site by the way... just makes me love the movie that much more! And this is a link from Kevin Costner's website to some behind the scene photo's!
Terence Snell
Thanks Terence, I've added the images to the PICS section.

Grooooooovers all over the world, I am aliiiive and I send you my best wishes This movie "Fandango" has changed my life forever! Love to you all!
Josh: born 1969 reborn 1985 ... :))

I just read the news that the movie is to come out on DVD, would you happen to know if this will be available to the fans in the UK??? I have been unable to get a copy of it anywhere in any format and I'm getting desperate, haven't seen it in 12 years.
Allison Durning

Bravo for your work on this site! The movie played on HBO this morning and I never miss it. Also, am writing a book with one scene totally inspired by the overlook at the Dom rock. I've been there to see it in person and it's just where you said it would be! Love
Lynne Lewis, Houston, Texas

Got my copy yesterday (10th February) and just had to watch it.Thanks to Warner Brothers for listening to the fans and releasing it atlong last.
Derek Blackburn, Watford UK

You have a great site. This has been one of my all time favorite movies. Not sure if you seen this webpage, but it explains where various scenes in the movie actually took place. Including the DOM site, and how it can be found. Apparently, the rock still has DOM scratched into it. Keep up the great work.
Darin Delperdang

I'm Luigi from Italy and finally found your site! FANDANGO is the most beautiful movie i've ever seen. It touched my heart every time i've seen and this has happened so many times.Riding my Harley i dreamt lots and lots of times to be in Marfa with my bottle of DOM! It celebrates the joy of life and youth,dreams and dreams again.I've heard about the release of the DVD version (yeah!). I got crazy during all these years to find it.I love the soundtrack too. SPOOKY is a so lovely tune,and what about BADGE or CAN'T FIND MY WAY HOME. An original soundtrack has never been released,hasn't it? Could you be so kind to help me to get my personal Dvd copy? I haven't got a credit card so how i could do! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Luigi, Italy

Alex, I presume that by now you've viewed the Fandango DVD.I was thrilled at the much improved sound and video qualityof the DVD over the VHS version.Sadly, the "deleted" scenes are not on the DVD; it appears to beidentical to the VHS version. Nevertheless, I'm proud to own the DVD and will likely wear it out!
Gordon Hay

Was any part of the movie shot in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma? TShe part where it looks like there is part of the Tulsa skyline is where Truman askes the lady in the mustang if he can cut in.
Edwin L McDonald

Your web page for the movie is great. Only question I have is where is the River scene and that bus stop and that incredible tree? Any idea? I will be doing a Fandango tour in April. Thanks,
Doug Brill

Let me take the time to say, what a great site you have! To say the least, Fandango is my favorite movie of all time. I am a graduate of Baylor University, where Kevin Reynolds graduated from. His father, Herbert Reynolds, was the President of Baylor while I was in school in the early 1980's. While at Baylor, I joined a fraternity, and had a few of those special moments in my life which will never be forgotten. We did some crazy, and frankly, stupid things, back then, in the Waco, Tx. area where Baylor is located. The kind that Baylor, being a conservative Baptist University, could have censored us for had we been caught. But I look back, and they have easily become a piece of the fabric in my life, which, again, I shall never forget.

Anyways, in my opinion, the sad reality of Fandango is the end, where the Groovers cease to exist, and go their seperate ways. It is so well summed up in the exchange between Phil and Dorman. 'Good-bye friend. Have a nice life'. It gives me chills thinking about that scene, in addition to the very end with Gardner raising his beer bottle in salute to the Groovers. The fact is, I have rarely seen those closest to me in the fraternity, save for one person. As our lives move forward and the years progress, it becomes so easy to loose touch. I came to Baylor from Nebraska, 650 miles to the north. So I instantly lost touch when I traveled back home again. Then we start a new job, get married, have kids, maybe move a time or two. All these events increase that gap, in addition to time itself.

But the other side of the coin is this: We should all live our lives in that spirit of the Groovers. Life is an adventure, live it for all it's worth. Just like that line in the movie, 'here's to us by God, to us, and them, and what we were....and what we'll be.' Hope. Fun. High-spirited. Intense. And we should pass those qualities on to our kids as well.

Let me say, again, that you have done a great job here. Fandango is a movie that truly resonates far beyond its years. It is great that your site has helped to bring together this unique community of faithful fans. I appreciate all the work that you have put in to this, and to know that this movie has a plethora of British fans as well. All of us, Groovers to the end. Take care,
Judson Shank

Obviously, like a ton of others, I am a huge fan of the film. I can't believe how bad-ass your site is, and the fact that it is dedicated to one of my top 10 films of all time. Recently, the Pat Matheny song that was played during the wedding dance, was the background music on the Weather Channel during their "Local on the 8's" segment. Every time it played, I would just sit and listen to that beautiful composition, one that I may never have known had I not watched the movie on HBO one afternoon in 9th grade. I just got my DVD copy and am elated. I wonder where Costner ranks this as far as his favorite films to do, because it probably made just as much money as "Waterworld"!
Thanks, Patrick in Topeka

My sony dvd player will not play the US version, my vhs fandago is worn, I bid for a region 2 DVD on ebay but was oubid and there are no others to be had! Any ideas?

Hi there, yes, I know everyone asks you this but Iwould kill (well maim) to get hold of a CD-R of the'Fandango' soundtrack as listed on your superbwebsite, can you help with my quest?
Matt Price

I'm so happy to have found your site about "Fandango". My best friend and I have been French groovers for 20 years, we saw "Fandango" when we were teenagers, and I've always thought we were the only Groovers, because here nobody seems to know this movie. At that time, we always wore a bandana at our pocket, as recognition sign. For my wedding, I wanted the so beautiful music of Pat Metheny "It's for you", but I had not found it (no internet at home). It's only two months ago that I got this song, and it always brings me the same emotions. "Fandango" has the perfume of my college years... My best friend will come at home tomorrow, I'll show her your site, we'll listen to Fandango's musics and songs, and we'll be 16 years old again ... I've got the French official photos of the movie, I can scan it if you want (but you've probably got it yet). Hi to groovers all over the world,
Johanna, France

When will this fabulous film be released in the UK?
N Bennett

Finally got my copy of Fandango, on DVD today, for under 13 bucks. Not a bad transfer from source material, but I pined truly, for extras and deleted scenes and more. But, at this point, I'm just happy it finally made the digital jump and now I can retire my fading VHS copy that I scored in 1990.

I first saw the film, when it first came out, and then saw it as many times it was aired on cinemax. Each time I saw it, I spotted something of interest. Any chance I got to 'talk' the film up, I always did, and can't tell you how MANY PEOPLE I converted to fans, after they finally saw it.

It's one of those films that most people fluff off, or roll their eyes upon hearing about it UNTIL they've had the good fortune to see it. It's one of my ten favorite films of all time and I am a huge film buff. Both Costner and Nelson, are somewhat cogs in the Hollywood machine. But in Fandango, they both were firing on all cylinders.

'Tis a shame that Costner, considers this film to be flawed and low in his cinema food chain. Perhaps, it's due to the love-hate-relationship that he has with Reynolds. I would have loved to hear commentary from either Kevin, along with Chuck Bush, or 'Truman'. But Warners probably felt it wasn't worth the time, or the monies spent. And why it took so long to get to DVD, is one of the great mysteries of the 20th century.

Having the film take place in 1971, brought back memories, as I was in the Air Force in Texas in 1971. What a long, strange trip it has been for me, and this film. I'm happy as a clam with this DVD release and when Columbia releases Matt Dillonís 1987 film ' THE BIG TOWN' (also with Suzy Amis) I can be one happy camper!
Nick Canterucci

Thanks for the website, I visit it often and always love reading how much all of us love the movie. It has a lot of emotional ties for me, I can't wait to own it on DVD and watch it when I need it.
Alabama - Northridge, CA

If anybody has checked out Pat Metheny's "As Wichita Falls So Falls Wichita Falls" lovely "September 15" you will get the full effect of longing that Kevin Reynolds perhaps intended for the reuniting scene on the landing strip.

It was this song that turned my attention to "Fandango" as the TV droned on one afternoon in 1988. The song is simply lovely. An instrumental. And when I heard the familiar piano intro I quickly sat in front of the TV to see the second half (and later that night the full movie) of "Fandango."

"September 15" is my favorite song of all time, and as a child of the '60s who came of age in the '70s, that is saying a lot for this music lover.

As movies go, 'Fandango" is not perfect. But oh, my, it is close. At least in my heart. Oh, if anybody can dig up Kevin Reynold's e-mail, please let me know. Fondest from a West Texas boy,
Guillermo Torres

I still have a question regarding one of the lines from the movie. I think I emailed this same question a couple years ago and I still can't figure out the answer. Maybe you, or if you posted this - one of the fans, could help me out. My favorite scene and line from the movie: "Here's to us by God....." (I even wrote it on my graduation hat five years ago) Does he say "...To us, and THEM?" or "...To us and THAT?" or even "...To us and THEN?" Everyone on the site has said or written 'Them', but if you listen, it doesn't sound like 'them', it sounds like 'that'. It's probably my favorite movie quote of all time, but I want to get it right. Thoughts? Great site by the way. When my friends and I graduated from college I had prints made of the final shot - Kevin with the bottle - with the lyrics to Can't Find My Way Home to the left. One of my favorite possessions.
Daniel Sarjeant

Certainly helped on getting the DVD released (I signed the petition!) but still no region 2 version for the UK or Europe. Hasn't been on UK TV for years.So, any ideas how I/we can get that corrected? Any contacts or pointers to people to bug at Warner Bros? I'm currently waiting on feedback from, who are a large supplier in the UK, but I don't hold out much hope.
Glenn Glidden

Love your site. It brought back a flood of memories from my college days watching this movie w/buds and suds. Can't wait to pick through the rest of the stuff you have on here.
Patrick Connolly, Littleton, CO

Can I just say I am loving you right now! When I was finally able to purchase "Fandango" last year I thought it couldn't get any better, but if only I couldfind the soundtrack. I did alot of digging last year and to no avail, but lo and behold, I found you! This is awesome and i want to thank you so much. This is one of my favorite soundtracks of all time, when I watch this movie it makes me so nostalgic! The scene at the wedding and the toast are my favorite andi I always wanted to know who did the song when they danced the fandango. Music means so much to me as does this movie and I want to thank you. You could not believe how heavy my heart is right now! It's good to know that their are some people out there who still have extraordinary taste! Peace and love my friend,
Tracey Moss

WOW, great Fandango site! Do you know if Chata Ortega's is still standing? Ihope to make the pilgrimage this fall and that is obviously an importantstop. It seems like the DOM rock is still in good shape. I can't wait to see it in person.
Kent Rayhill, Wilmette, IL